Team building – Team roles; how to choose the right people for yourself and for others; developing team cooperation; support the process from group to team; specifics of global teams; managing people remotely.
Stress management – how to handle emotions and emotions of others; how to enhance personal satisfaction and team satisfaction; how to work with stress; taking care of our soul; maintaining and developing internal resources.
Manager role – manager’s expectations; role of manager versus leader; personal vision of the manager.
Time management – time management for yourself and others; doing more in less time; personal effectiveness; setting quality target for different tasks; time management in reality vs. in theory; maintaining discipline (versus freedom, authenticity).
Formation of a desirable corporate culture – motivation without money and with money; promoting good relations; opportunities to improve the atmosphere in the team and at the workplace.
The development of will and toughness – how to strengthen self-confidence (both self and others); taking responsibility; strengthening internal resistance.

Feedback, Conflicts – how to praise and develop through constructive criticism; conflict management; assertive behaviour; creating environment for an open feedback.
Building your own professionalism – how to sell yourself and your thoughts; influencing others; attractive presentation skills; effective communication of ideas; effective self-education.

How to be lazy – how to effectively simplify personal and business processes; both on quality and professionalism, but without often pernicious perfectionism, which does not distinguish between essential and insignificant.

Managing changes – both personal and processes in an organization; ability to plan and decide; solution of dilemmas, ethics; principles of project management.

People management – Managerial Skills; management of demanding types of people; efficiency management; how to set a culture of high and sustainable performance.

Self-recognition – Knowing Yourself; knowing your talent, with whom to cooperate and with whom not to? Focus attention, concentration; exploring our own prejudices and their influence on our lives and decision-making.

Work life balance – family, relationships, work, personal time and resolving the dilemmas and priorities.