I started to help people to solve personal, couple a family issues — to live — in 2005. 

I focus on people with depression, couple issues, personal changes, with bringing up issues, problems with studying. I work with both traditional and non-traditional families. 

Individuall counselling is 800 CZK per hour (1000 in Prague). Family or couple counselling is 900 CZK per hour (1100 in Prague). One session may be long as long as you want.

You can contact me by mobile phone: +420 608322634 or by email:

Counselling house: A) Jungmannova 11, Olomouc (near RCO building next to the mail railway station) & B) Ve Smečkách 5, Praha (near Václavské náměstí). See contact info for map. Or upon agreement in Brno, Ostrava or some other places. 


When I talk to Ales, I feel like I am talking to a real person who really cares, and who is at the same time a highly-experienced professional. I can warmly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance in difficult times.
Note: Ales, thank you so much, our sessions have been absolutely vital in keeping my head on my shoulders in some dark and crazy times, and your words really helped me navigate through stormy weather. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without your help. (Mark, 38, 2 chidren)