So, is your child good?

Recently another child was born into our family and I noticed for the first time in my life that Czech people always ask parents whether their children are “good”. In older children, it makes some sense. But how to understand it when we talk about a three-month baby? Is  he “naughty” because he cries when he is hungry? Is he naughty, when he cries because he wants to pee? Is he naughty because he has painful belly? It he naughty because he feels uncomfortable in my arms? I understand that it is only a question. In reality people ask another question (e. g. Is he happy? Does he have any problems? Does he cry a lot? Or is he easy to handle for parents?). Yet I failed when I was last asked this question. I lost my temper and said that I find it a stupid question. A baby has its needs and cries only when we neglect it or do not understand it – crying is a form of communication. Indeed, even in older children I do not care about “being good”. I wish to have children who have their own opinions, even though it may not be the same as mine. The “good” ones voted for Communists or Hitler… etc. etc … Well, maybe I should have stayed calm … But still … this stupid question should be abolished … P.S.: I’m afraid that I’ll have to be more tolerant 🙂