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I help people with individual, work, couple or family issues to live – not as if to live – since 2005. I worked for several years at the Counselling house for families in Olomouc.

I help people with depression, couple issues, personal changes, bringing up children issues, studying at university. Couple or family therapy is possible with two counsellors (man and a woman). You can come alone, in a couple or with the whole family. I work with traditional or non-traditional families and approaches.

I work with people from the bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach. I use holistic, synthetic approach with inspirations from gestalt, systemic therapy, jungian therapy, somatic experiencing, psychoanalysis, family therapy, video-interactive training, biosynthesis, KBT etc. The number of sessions is upon agreement with the emphasis that less is better if not more is crucial. My aim is to facilitate the resources of the individuals. This can last for one session up to several (many) sessions.

I am learning new things in psychology, therapy and counselling through supervision and shorter or longer trainings (psychotherapy training in systemic narrative therapy). I was influenced by e.g. Lubomír Smékal, Bohumila Baštecká, Jan Poněšický, Jan Hesoun, Markéta Závěrková, Bára Janečková – Biosynthesis, Jaromír Kabát – Psychosomatic clinique, Centro Takiwasi – Peru, Taita Jose Putumayo – Columbia; Aston University, Great Britain; Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Mannheim). I work in private counselling house since 2013.

I provide the counselling in Czech and English. When needed with some troubles in German and Polish. Working hours are upon agreement via telephone or email.

All clients are anonymous and I do not share any information with other parties.

Current pricelist

individual counselling
– 60 min: 1000 CZK
couple or family counselling:
– 60 min: 1100 CZK

I offer discounts when working with people in need. The lenghts of the session is upon agreement. Usually from one to two hours (you only pay for the counselling time). The prices in Prague are higher due to greater cost of the counselling place.

Other forms of counselling, guidance:
– counselling via Skype, WhatsApp vis image: 1100 CZK (individual) or 1200 CZK (couples).
– counselling via telephone (no image): 1000 CZK per hour. The call itself in the Czech Republic is free of charge.
– walk and talk therapy: prices similar to individual counselling.
– wilderness therapy: prices upon agreemtns; one or more days of wandering.

+420 608322634

Write into email or into text message:
a) your name or nickname if you want to stay in full anonymity,
b) shortly what do you need from mee,
c) your contact phone.

I will call you or write to you in couple of hours up to one or two days. It may exceptionally take a week or so when I am fully offline and without signal.


Olomouc: 1. máje 42 (main place). Map see section contact


When I talk to Ales, I feel like I am talking to a real person who really cares, and who is at the same time a highly-experienced professional. I can warmly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance in difficult times. Note: Ales, thank you so much, our sessions have been absolutely vital in keeping my head on my shoulders in some dark and crazy times, and your words really helped me navigate through stormy weather. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without your help. (Mark, 38, 2 chidren)