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Since 2005 I have been helping people to resolve personal, work, partner and family difficulties = to live. For several years I worked in the Family Counselling Centre of the Olomouc Region (in the legendary villa on Žilinská street).

I help people with depression, partner problems, personal changes, children’s educational problems, studies at university. Couples or family therapy is possible with two experienced therapists (woman and man). You can come alone, in a couple or with the whole family. I work with traditional and “non-traditional” families and approaches.

I see the person from a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual point of view, taking into account the perspective of the person himself. I use a holistic approach e.g. elements of gestalt, systems approach, Jungian psychology, somatic experiencing, psychoanalysis, family therapy, video-interaction training, biosynthesis, KBT, etc. The number of sessions is individual, but I try to keep them as few as possible. The goal is to support the clients’ life resources so that problems are resolved and no one from outside is needed to help. Sometimes this can take a while and other times it is just one session.

I educate myself in psychology, therapy and counselling continuously through supervision and shorter or longer trainings, residential sessions or my own psychotherapy under the guidance of experienced psychologists. For example:

*systemic and narrative psychotherapy training (5 years): Jan Hesoun, Markéta Závěrková, Petr Doležal, Helena Šašková et al;
*narrative couple therapy (6 online specialization workshops): Chana Rachel Frumin;
*Psychosomatic Clinic (6 weeks psychotherapy and self-development stay): Jaromír Kabát et al.;
*Jacques Mabit, Jaime Torres, Veronika Kavenská et al.;
*Self-experiential stay, Putumayo, Colombia (4 weeks): Taita Jose Putumayo;
*researcher at the Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften (GESIS), Mannheim (4 months);
*researcher at the University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht (several multi-month stays);
*training in crisis intervention (2 years): under the supervision of Bohumila Baštecká et al.
*regular supervisions (cooperation with e.g. Petr Doležal, Jan Hesoun, Lubomír Smékal, Bohumila Baštecká, Jan Poněšický);
*many short stays at universities (e.g. Aston University, UK; University of Portsmouth, UK; FSEV UK, Slovakia; University of York, UK; University of New York in Prague);
*many shorter trainings, trainings (e.g. biosynthesis, dance therapy, voice therapy, video interaction training, speech therapy, analytical therapy, individual therapy, art therapy, inner voices, dialogic negotiation, mindfulness, motivational interviewing).

I have been working in my private practice since 2013. I am a full member of the Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors and the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society.

I provide my work in Czech (Slovak) and English. My working hours are at any time according to previous telephone or email agreement).

I work with all clients anonymously and do not provide any information to third parties or organizations, except for exceptions provided by law. For example, the duty to prevent a serious crime is superior to the therapist’s confidentiality. Specifically, this may involve the ongoing sexual abuse of a child or a plan to seriously harm (kill) another person. The vast majority of crimes are not required to be reported. See sections 167 and 168 of the Penal Code at this link for more information – in Czech.)

Current pricelist

The session length is either 50 or 80 minutes depending on your choice and my availability on the day.

individual counselling / psychotherapy:
– 50 min: 1000 CZK / 80 min: 1600 CZK

couple or family counselling / psychotherapy:
– 50 min: 1100 CZK / 80 min: 1760 CZK

Cancellation of sessions. If you do not cancel your consultation by 19:00, you will pay 300 CZK more for the next consultation. The same conditions apply to me. If I cancel your consultation for any reason after 19:00 (on the previous day), you will receive a discount of 300 CZK for the next consultation.

Discounts. The length of the session is 50 or 80 minutes depending on your choice and my possibilities. For a first session or couples therapy I recommend a longer session, but it is not necessary.

other forms of counseling:
– 1100 CZK individual session for 50 minutes (1760 CZK for 80 minutes); – 1200 CZK couple or family session (1920 CZK for 80 minutes);
– counselling via telephone: 1000 CZK for 50 minutes (1600 CZK for 80 minutes); call alone in the Czech Republic or within the Czech Republic roaming. Short telephone consultations are also possible: up to 10 minutes 200 CZK; 11 to 20 minutes 400 CZK; 21 to 30 minutes 600 CZK; 31 to 50 minutes 1000 CZK.
– walk and talk therapy: prices the same as individual counselling;
– counselling in the wilderness (wilderness therapy): price to be agreed; for one or more days in the form of wandering;
– nature journey: a group therapeutic stay in nature for several days (see

+420 608322634

Email or SMS. Please write down the following information:
a) your name or nickname if you want to remain fully anonymous,
b) briefly what you need
c) and a contact phone number.

I will get back to you by phone or email within a few hours or days. Exceptionally, e.g. when I am on an extended stay in the countryside, it may take a week or more for a reply.


Olomouc: 1. máje 42 (main place). Map see section contact


When I talk to Ales, I feel like I am talking to a real person who really cares, and who is at the same time a highly-experienced professional. I can warmly recommend him to anyone seeking support and guidance in difficult times. Note: Ales, thank you so much, our sessions have been absolutely vital in keeping my head on my shoulders in some dark and crazy times, and your words really helped me navigate through stormy weather. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without your help. (Mark, 38, 2 chidren)